Volunteer in Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam and Bali
Volunteer in: Thailand - Vietnam - Nepal - Bali

Volunteers from New Zealand in Asia

Few Westerners realize what a tight-knit community the Asia Pacific region is. New Zealand and Asia may seem like they are worlds apart, but all it takes is a quick visit to either country to see that the opposite is true. Asian communities flourish in New Zealand. And Kiwis were on to the charms of a holiday in Asia long before the rest of the West caught on.

Given the close relationship between New Zealand and our Asian country sites, Kiwis have extra incentive to work a volunteer project into their next visit to the continent. By investing time and energy in Asia, they are literally boosting the profile of the entire Asia Pacific region. This affects everything from trade to diplomatic ties, bolstering the quality of life in one of the fastest-developing corners of the world.

Friends for Asia is uniquely positioned to welcome visitors from New Zealand to Asia. Our network of project sites provides dynamic volunteer opportunities in the country, and our diverse work force enriches each assignment. On top of this, Most of our volunteer project sites are bursting with off-the-beaten-track adventures that Kiwis appreciate.

Opportunities for Kiwi Volunteers

The list of volunteer projects offered through Friends for Asia spans just about every discipline imaginable, from education to conservation. We place native English speakers in Buddhist temples, where they can help teach novice monks. The need for workers is also high in Chiang Mai’s orphanages and at special homes that reach out to at-risk single mothers. These are some of our highest profile assignments, but we also have inroads to elephant conservation projects, HIV relief programs and dynamic internship opportunities. In fact, the scope of our projects is so extensive that it would take several repeat tours of duty to experience it all. Of course, New Zealand is close enough to Thailand to make this possible.

An Ideal Fit for New Zealand Volunteers in Asia

At Friends for Asia, we think one of our strongest selling points is our staff of volunteer coordinators. Our highly capable team has substantial collective experience. Some of our coordinators have spent time living and working in the West. Others have been involved in international aid programs in Asia for years. Our coordinators’ English proficiency is exceptional.

This sort of support structure is essential for volunteers who want to hit the ground running when they arrive in Asoa. New Zealand volunteers at FFA are backed by coordinators who are committed to plugging them into the volunteer scene as quickly and effectively as possible.