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Completing a medical internship in Asia is a particularly attractive prospect for pre-med students in the West, where opportunities to work this closely with medical professionals and their patients are nil. And honestly, how many of your of peers can say they jetted halfway around the world to join the brigade in one of the world’s fastest-growing wellness hubs?

While this is one of our more challenging projects, it is also one of our most rewarding. Nepal still struggles with preventable diseases and ailments such as diarrhea, leprosy and tuberculosis, while malnutrition and high infant mortality rates remain serious concerns. Our Nepal volunteers make a real and lasting contribution to the prevention of these problems among Nepal’s most vulnerable, and can see the fruits of their labor first-hand. Participation in our health project is an experience that will stays with our volunteers for the rest of their lives.

Health Related Projects


Medical Internship

Shadow full-time doctors conducting surgeries in the OR and making rounds in Chiang Mai’s and Surat Thani’s private and public hospitals. Thailand is the preeminent medical tourism destination, and for our interns more relevant experience than just about any internship in the West could offer. Return to medical school with a clear-cut advantage over your peers.


Volunteer in Nepal

Health Project

Despite recent improvements, health care in Nepal remains poor by international standards, especially in rural areas. Inevitably it is the worst off in society that bear the brunt of the poor health care system, but our Nepal volunteers make a significant contribution to changing all that. Following the old adage that ‘prevention is better than a cure’, our health project places volunteers in children’s homes and orphanages around Nepal.