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Volunteer Bali

Volunteer in Bali

A tropical paradise with some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, mountains and jungle – Bali is becoming increasingly popular with international tourists and visitors. However, our volunteers experience a lot more than the average backpacker, surfer or package tourist.

By volunteering with Friends for Asia in Bali, you’ll have the opportunity to truly immerse yourself in one of the world’s most beautiful and exotic places. And, by doing so, you’ll leave this tropical island with more than a tan, but a true insight into Balinese society, culture, and an experience that you’ll never forget. Whether it be teaching English and working with Balinese teachers at a local school or spending time and giving love to children at a small orphanage, you’ll have the opportunity to make a difference and contribute to Balinese society.

Why Volunteer in Bali?

Friends for Asia has put together some of the most meaningful and compelling volunteer projects in Bali, Indonesia. We’re based in the culturally rich city of Ubud, which splits jungle-clad mountains and green rice paddies and Hindu temples. Bali’s vibrant people and culture ensure that evenings and weekends are as enriching as the local volunteer projects.


We help make the most of our volunteers’ time and energy by maintaining ongoing relationships at our project sites. Whether staying for two weeks or six months, the work our volunteers accomplish is often part of a bigger, ongoing vision. This lets us be more flexible than many other volunteer organizations in Bali. There’s no need to settle on a single project site. You can customize your own experience, mixing and matching our offerings to create an itinerary that makes the most of your abilities.

Why Volunteer with Friends for Asia


Friends for Asia has placed hundreds of applicants in short- and long-term volunteer projects in Asia. We’re a well-networked volunteer organization without any government or religious affiliations, and we are wholly devoted to helping you help others. There are five things that make us different:

  • We are the in-country coordinators of the volunteer projects and internships.
  • We provide extensive information, orientation and support in-country.
  • Our projects are organized and ongoing, and we focus on ensuring that the volunteer and internship experience is positive.
  • Our volunteers and interns get involved and make a difference.

Bali, Indonesia Volunteer Projects

Our Bali volunteer projects have been carefully developed to allow our volunteers to contribute and learn as much as possible about Bali and their project site hosts.

Teaching English Volunteer Project

Teaching English Volunteer Project

With the onset of tourism in Bali, English education has become imperative for any person in a professional career. As a volunteer English teacher, you become a catalyst for student development. Regardless of your teaching background, your presence in the school gives students and faculty the chance to take their English skills out of the textbook and put them to work in the real world.

Children with Disabilities

Caregiving at a Home for Single Mothers in Crisis Children with Disabilities Volunteer Project

One of the most important resources for these children with disabilities is your unwavering support. The realization that others genuinely care about your welfare and future is life-changing – especially for those who’ve been neglected for so long. The fact that you’ve flown in from overseas to donate your time and energy only increases the impact.