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Projects for the Empowerment of Women

Women in the developing world face similar challenge. These challenges can be overcome by equipping disadvantaged women in Asia with the skills and confidence they need to turn their lives around. The help of volunteers is essential in freeing the women to focus on this personal development.

One of the most important resources for these women is unwavering support, and the organizations we send volunteers to have this in abundance. The realization that others genuinely care about your welfare and future is life-changing – especially for those who’ve been neglected for so long. The fact that you’ve flown in from overseas to donate your time and energy only increases the impact.

Assisting women in their efforts to gain skills needed to survive and prosper will be your number-one objective. Many of these women hail from rural areas and represent marginalized ethnic groups that are too-often overlooked, and they’re unaccustomed to strangers taking an interest in their welfare. You’re an ambassador, of sorts – a vote of confidence that simple kindness exists outside the village.

Projects for the Empowerment of Women


Single Mothers’ Home Building and Gardening Team

The single mothers’ home is in need of more than childcare, and many of our volunteers contribute to the cause by building infrastructure on the compound. Whether its gardening, painting or teaching a special class, your efforts will directly benefit these disadvantaged women and their children.


Volunteer in Nepal

Women’s Empowerment Project

Friends for Asia’s Woman Empowerment Project is ideal for anyone who wants to make a real difference to the lives of women in this beautiful, but impoverished country. Years of political uncertainty and insurgency have seen Nepal fall behind many of its neighbors when it comes to human rights. This is where Friends for Asia comes in. Our volunteers work with disadvantaged women in a number of centers to educate, assist and help them lead their lives with dignity in a male-dominated society.