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It is amazing how rewarding a simple job like painting a school wall or fixing a desk in a classroom can be. By Westerns standards facilities in Nepal villages are basic and are often poorly maintained. Volunteers in our School and Community Maintenance Project can make a significant mark on a community in the few weeks they spend there, enriching the lives of the locals and bringing a fresh perspective to students and the community.

Volunteer in Nepal

Since the reform of the timber industry and the advent of four-wheel drive, it’s been harder finding jobs for them. Wild populations still roam a few of Thailand’s national forests, but to keep numbers up, Thais have had to find new roles for their national emblem. That’s where the elephant camp comes in.


Single Mothers’ Home Building and Gardening Team

The single mothers’ home is in need of more than childcare, and many of our volunteers contribute to the cause by building infrastructure on the compound. Whether its gardening, painting or teaching a special class, your efforts will directly benefit these disadvantaged women and their children.


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Environmental Awareness Project

Experience the breathtaking beauty of Nepal and help protect its environment with our Environmental Awareness Project. Home to eight of the highest mountains in the world (they’re still growing!), lush forests and abundant wildlife, Nepal is a nature enthusiasts dream. But Nepal’s natural habitats are under threat. Deforestation and soil erosion has destroyed thousands of hectares in the last few years. FFA has teamed up with a village-based conservation project in Chitwan to help reverse this worrying trend.

Volunteer in Nepal

School and Community Maintenance Project

Friends for Asia’s School and Community Maintenance Project offers volunteers a unique taste of Nepal life while making a real difference to people’s lives at a community level. This is our most varied project with volunteers helping out with all kinds of tasks to help improve and enrich the lives of locals.