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Health Project – Volunteer Nepal

Following the old adage that ‘prevention is better than a cure’, our health project places volunteers in children’s homes and orphanages around Nepal. Through immunizations, regular health checks and education about basic personal hygiene and sanitation, our volunteers make a real and lasting difference to the lives of thousands of people each year.

A Day In The Life

The exact roles of our volunteers in our health projects depend on their previous health care experience. The typical day involves an early start with visits to one or more children’s homes and orphanages. Volunteers will interact with children and staff to help provide the best possible care. This can be a challenging role, but the demands are far outweighed by the rewards.

Volunteer Tasks & Skills

No two health volunteer projects are the same, and can vary significantly depending on location. Typically, volunteers will assist in creating health profiles for each child and recording which medical treatments have been administered. Depending on experience, volunteers may also provide advice on the treatment of minor ailments or research the best treatments for the various problems that arise. Volunteers can also play an important administrative role, setting up appointments, maintaining electronic records and helping with rosters.

Making a Difference – Volunteer in Nepal

While this is one of our more challenging projects, it is also one of our most rewarding. Nepal still struggles with preventable diseases and ailments such as diarrhea, leprosy and tuberculosis, while malnutrition and high infant mortality rates remain serious concerns. Our Nepal volunteers make a real and lasting contribution to the prevention of these problems among Nepal’s most vulnerable, and can see the fruits of their labor first-hand. Participation in our health project is an experience that will stays with our volunteers for the rest of their lives.

Volunteer Qualifications

Some health care experience is required to qualify for our health project and applicants will need to submit a full resume with their application. Placement in the health project will depend on suitability, though there are places available for those with little experience. Good computer skills are desirable as volunteers may be required to assist with the upkeep of electronic patient records. If you are unsure about your suitability for the project have a chat with one of our coordinators. For those with very little or no experience our Children’s Home & Orphanage project offers an excellent alternative. This project will require volunteers to assist with minor health treatments and accompany children to medical appointments. Participants in this project must be 18 years of age or older.

Additional Information

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