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Summer Volunteer Projects – Thailand

Summer Volunteer Projects

School’s out, the office is slow, and everybody’s thinking about taking time off. For some vacationers, it’s enough just to get out of town and head somewhere with a few tourist attractions. But at Friends For Asia, we’ve gotten to know a different brand of world traveler – one who knows how to maximize time spent away from home by donating their skills, labor and time to people in need.

Flexible Start and End Dates, Mix and Match Projects

English Education Thailand 4

The Elephant Camp project is popular during the summer. This is fortunate for the Elephant Camp, as on-site needs increase at this time. The Elephant Camp is a proper tourist attraction, with an influx of families on summer vacation coming out to ride the elephants and watch them show off their skills. The mahouts and camp employees could use an extra hand during the summer surge. Our volunteers fill a genuine need when they sign up to help care for these animals.

Teaching Monks Summer Volunteer Project

Volunteer and Intern in Thailand

During the summer, students across the West are on vacation, but Thai schools are in full swing. Western university students may be reluctant to leave campus and head into another classroom. That being said, there’s something satisfying about taking a break from studying and assuming the teacher’s role. Add to that the fact that you’ll be teaching genuine novice monks, and it’s easy to see why this project is popular any time of year.

Childcare Summer Volunteer Projects

Volunteer and Intern in Thailand

Friends For Asia has a few childcare projects, ranging from caring for orphans to lending a hand to single mothers in crisis. This is a particularly meaningful way for a summer volunteer to get involved, as orphanages and institutes like this are often desperately understaffed. As mentioned, the kids are in school, too, which means you can help out with homework.

Medical Internships in Summer

American Medical Interns

Logistically, summer is the best time for medical interns to head overseas and shadow doctors in private Thai hospitals. Pre-med and medical students are between terms in June, July and August. While their peers are probably just enjoying time away from university, our medical interns are exploring Thai culture, reveling in the tropical weather and gaining invaluable professional experience.