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Koh Samui – Volunteer Thailand

An island of incredible beauty, amazing beaches and countless resorts, hotels, bars and restaurants, Koh Samui is only a $10 ride and a few hours from our volunteer projects and accommodation in Surat Thani. Originally a island of coconut plantations, Koh Samui developed into an island of getaways and popular beach resorts over the past 20 years. Many travelers have found the beauty of Koh Samui as their vacation getaway for decades. Now travelers not only have the chance to enjoy the beaches, but also contribute to the local population at the same time.

Volunteer Weekends on Koh Samui


On Friday, after you have completed your project for the day, you can depart our accommodation at 4pm and in a few hours, have dinner on the beach in Koh Samui! After a long week of volunteering, there’s nothing more relaxing than spending all weekend unwinding on the beach, sipping a cocktail and catching some rays before heading back to help out at your school, orphanage or gaining more valuable experience in our intern project.

Some volunteer placements have a cultural event or shopping on the weekend – none have the world’s most beautiful beaches, hotels and restaurants on their door step. Koh Samui is the place to relax, enjoy you hard earned weekend and meet other tourists to share your volunteer experiences.

The Slow boat to Koh Samui

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For those looking for a real cultural experience, the slow boat leaves from Surat Thani town at around 11pm on Friday and normally arrives on Koh Samui shortly before the sun rises. The trip is only 200 Baht ($6 US Dollars) and allows you to see the river, village life of southern Thai people and sun rising over the island on your trip. The pier for the boat is only a 10-15 minute walk from our volunteer accommodation and is a fun and unique way to reach the southern islands of Koh Samui and Koh Pa Ngan.

Volunteer Koh Samui / Surat Thani

Unfortunately we do not offer volunteer projects on this island paradise known as Koh Samui. Our projects our located in Surat Thani town. Plenty of volunteer opportunities are available to the island/beach tourist looking to make a difference during their trip and vacation. To learn more about our Surat Thani Volunteer projects, click here.

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Volunteer in Chiang Mai

After spending ample amount of time on the beach and relaxing, a trip to volunteer in Chiang Mai is always a possibility. To learn more about our Chiang Mai Volunteer Projects, click here.