Volunteer in Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam and Bali
Volunteer in: Thailand - Vietnam - Nepal - Bali

Canadian Volunteers in Asia

Canada supplies a small slice of the international tourist trade in Asia, accounting for roughly one out of every hundred tourists on the continent. However, those Canadians who venture out here include some of the most conscientious and committed volunteers on the scene.

At Friends for Asia, we’ve been impressed by the quality of work carried out by Canadians in Asia, particularly when it comes to improving the lives of children born with HIV. With this in mind, we’re anxious to connect with Canadians who are interested in volunteering in Asia.

Canadians Making a Difference in Thailand

Friends for Asia operates a range of programs for volunteers in Asia. Canadians who apply through FFA can take up placements in temples, in our Teaching Monks Project, or hospitals, in our Medical Intern Project, in Chiang Mai, or they head out to rural tracts of the north to work with hill tribe children, single mothers in crisis or even elephants. There is literally something here for everyone.

We’re especially enthusiastic about FFA’s HIV orphanage project. It’s headed up by a team of Canadians who have spent decades in Asia working with children who were born into some of the most unfortunate circumstances imaginable. Given the scope of work being carried out here and the connection to home, it’s easy to understand why volunteers from Canada take a keen interest in this project.

An Ideal Fit for Canadian Volunteers in Asia

At Friends for Asia, we go out of our way to foster a friendly, international environment. In the course of your project, you’ll find yourself working with likeminded people from all over the world. All the while, you’ll benefit from the strong support structure provided by our volunteer coordinators.

We’ve been fortunate to attract such a friendly and competent volunteer coordinators at FFA. Most volunteer organizations in Asia are content to hire strong English speakers, but don’t invest much energy in going any deeper. However, our volunteer coordinators have substantial international experience. One spent years living in North America, where she managed a team of employees. Another recently retired from Habitat for Humanity, where he developed an acute understanding of the international volunteer front.

As a Canadian volunteering through Friends for Asia, you’ll be well taken care of by coordinators with an intimate understanding of your own cultural background. This smoothes the transition to your project site and ensures that you’ll have someone on hand to make sure you’re able to maximize your effectiveness while you’re on assignment.