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British Volunteers in Asia

The UK leads Europe in terms of sending tourists to Asia, accounting for roughly 20 percent of the continent’s contribution to tourism in Thailand. There is no question that Britons are well-versed in the value of a holiday.

Volunteer and Intern in Thailand

We have been fortunate at Friends for Asia. Our British visitors are among the most conscientious of all those that visit Asia. They come to do more than see the sights, sample the cuisine and experience the culture. They’re here to make a contribution, and they leverage FFA’s network and experience to that end.

If you are a traveler from the UK looking to combine international travel with the rewards of volunteering, be sure to give Asia a long look. There is as much in our project site countries for budget travelers and gap year students as there is for the jet set or retirees. Jungle-based adventures, excursions to remote tribal villages and forays into one of the world’s most appreciated culinary traditions are all on the agenda.

Opportunities for British Volunteers

Volunteer Thailand English Education - 20

Friends for Asia offers a satisfying mix of volunteer opportunities for British volunteers in Asia. In our Teaching Monks Project, we have made inroads with a few Buddhist temples in Chiang Mai where novice monks receive their education. These temples are anxious to have native English speakers teaching their students, but they cannot afford to pay a salary. Our volunteers from the UK may also lend a hand at the home for single mothers, at an orphanage for children born with HIV or at the elephant conservation camp which works to keep elephants relevant to a 21st-century economy.

One of our most exciting volunteer opportunities is for students of medicine from the UK and other Western nations. Friends for Asia pioneered a medical internship program in Thailand, connecting international pre-med students with private hospitals in Northern Thailand. Many doctors in Thailand earned their credentials in the UK, so they know exactly what students in the West are up against. Shadowing a doctor in Thailand is an invaluable experience, and it allows a great deal more freedom than would be afforded at home.

An Ideal Fit for UK Volunteers in Asia

It’s easy to see why volunteers from the UK are attracted to Friends for Asia. Not only do we offer one of the most comprehensive sets of volunteer opportunities in Asia, we also have one of the most capable staff. Our volunteer coordinators have spent years working overseas or with international organizations. One of our coordinators spent most of his life working with Habitat for Humanity; another managed a restaurant in the US for several years. In every case, our coordinators are well-versed in Western culture and are eager to make your volunteer experience as fulfilling as possible.