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Thailand Long Term Paid Teaching

Thailand Teaching English – full time

Perhaps you wish to stay longer in Thailand and land a job as paid teacher on a generous salary. Our volunteers regularly decide not to return home, and we’ve partnered with a leading TEFL recruiter to place you in good jobs, with full training…read more…

The training and placement (TAP) program has been specially designed for rookie teachers and young graduates who wish to teach English in Thailand for a term or more. If selected, you will be correctly trained on the TEFL International 120-hour (4 week) course in Chiang Mai, complete with fun orientation field trips similar to the volunteer program, and then placed in a good provincial school with a mentor and other foreigners for company.

FFA School 381

The contract runs for two terms of 4 months each (though you may exit after one term), and pays a full starting salary of 27,000 baht ($800), along with housing provided, insurance, work permit and full support from the recruitment/manpower agency 24/7. This goes a long way in Thailand, and you’ll get 4 weeks off in October or 2 months in March and April to go travelling!

This is a unique program since most other TEFL placement plans expect you to pay for the training, in this case however the schools subsidise your training (worth $1,200) as they seek responsible and compassionate people with a bit of prior experience as a volunteer.

For those volunteering on our programs this presents an excellent option to stay and continue earning money while making a big difference in the lives of the kids. Once you’ve finished your volunteering you can join one of their monthly courses before starting your teaching. However, the term intakes are April and October each year if you wish to have a choice of school and location, otherwise you will work as a supply teacher until the new term starts.

English Education

Criteria for applying

  1. University graduate
  2. Fluent in English
  3. Under 45 years of age
  4. Committed to a minimum one-term (four month) contract*

* conditions apply for early exit.

How it works

  1. Enquire with us for further information about types of job, school, location etc.
  2. Submit your CV and a selfie, with a short motivation of why you think you’ll make a good teacher.
  3. We’ll shortlist you for a skype interview with the TEFL employer
  4. Once accepted a registration fee is applicable.
  5. Time your volunteer program to finish up as the TEFL training course begins.

Program Costs

  1. Volunteer program upgrade: $300
  2. Enrolment in the TAP without joining a volunteer program $700

• All accommodation (but not food) is provided during the 4 week TEFL training. • The TEFL International certification issued at the end of the contract is a globally recognised qualification taught at 30 centres in 22 countries and very useful for finding TEFL jobs elsewhere. • Four week training includes weekend excursions to elephant camps, cultural shows and mountain top temples. • Job placements are not in Chiang Mai, though there are some schools in Northern Thailand. The rest are in Isarn region.